Tuesday, 29 December 2009

Winter 2009/2010 Rebuild

I thought I'd post progress over the next few weeks on the winter rebuild of the Group 4 race bike. Progress may be sporadic as I have two other projects on the go as well! But there is a definite deadline with the race bike so that will focus the mind!

Today I went down to the workshop at Replay Scooters - it was very handy to have use of the hydraulic lift in Chalky's workshop!

On the bench - mag housing removed

The old mag housing will be machined down to an absolute minimum for 2010 as engine will be upgraded to scoop cooling

mid transmission removal!  Race engine cases are never together long enough to get dirty!

Gearbox and clutch out!

It's always noticeable from this angle the different geometry of a race bike set up

A hydraulic bench makes it soooooo easy to work on the scooter!

So......   progress is started for 2010 race season.  Main upgrade planned is to convert the engine to scoop cooling.   This will involve a new exhaust system (££££'s!) and machining down the mag housing to remove all but essential material.  The cooling fans will be removed from the fan and a new - much larger cylinder head will dissipate heat away.   Final piece of that jigsaw will be a cooling scoop underneath the barrel to help channel cool air over the head and barrel.

A few other modifications will me made inside the rear frame section aimed at helping with cooling......

More progress as it happens!

Tuesday, 15 December 2009

Cadwell Park - September

Cadwell Park was the traditional last weekend of the year!   

As always.......   a great weekend..... 6 months till we get back on track at Mallory Park in 2010!   

What on earth will we do with ourselves?

Heres some pictures from Cadwell.   Many Thanks to Richard Addison!

Engine Tuner Chalkie White is planning on starting his grandson in racing!?

Exiting the circuit - race over!

Up the mountain...  keep weight forward!

Top of Cadwell Mountain!

Up the mountain.....  taken from trackside

Along the straight...... in front of John Howe again!