Sunday, 10 January 2010

Dragster Painted!

Well I started respraying Miles Dragster over Christmas..........   not exactly the best weather for spraying to say the least!  It has been a struggle to get the paint to dry and harden, even with a paraffin stove, a calor gas heater and an oil filled radiator all on the go!

The dragster has been painted in the fancy Ford Frozen White colour......  a very 'bright' white! Some parts are painted in satin black as a contrast and its almost finished now and looking quite nice

It took way too much paint to spray the scooter after I wasted quite a bit after initially using an incompatible hardener, and then managing to get a couple of runs on a panel, then in disgust as I stood back and cursed, I managed to knock a freshly painted panel onto the floor!  Much swearing and cursing and rubdown and start again!

Now its more or less done I can get on with the race bike!   Deadline looming....

Friday, 8 January 2010

ScootRs Quality

First off...... let me declare an 'interest'......   ScootRS are helping me out in 2010 with supply of an anti-dive kit, so there is an element of sponsorship to me for 2010.........  however.....  there is a debate raging across the forums over quality of ScootRs products vs some of their competitors!  >>

ScootRs disc external disc brakes are the main 'benchmark' external disc in the BSSO race series, between myself and race team colleague Dave Crampton we have three ScootRS discs fitted to our race and road scooters and have always found them to be great quality.  Although I have now upgraded the pads used to EBC HH race compound, even the standard pads gave pretty good braking performance last year- until I wore them out at least!

I have noticed recently that BGM products have also taken a bit of stick on web forums too......   and I'm kind of linking the two brands together here.....   but ScootRS products may be manufactured in the far east, but in particular their disc brakes I have found to be of good quality, as are the absolutely superb BGM dampers..... yet there are people who question the quality simply because of the country of manufacture.  

I really don't think you can do this as a sweeping generalisation.  The UK can make some superb products and also some utter *&%$.  The global world we live in nowadays means that products can be designed, sourced, and manufactured all over the world.  The most important thing being the actual end quality / price - not simply the country of manufacture!

Its interesting to note that Apple products proudly display 'designed in California' on their packaging..... but where are they predominantly made?... ermm..... well your sparkling new Ipod or Iphone is finest quality product of China!

Sometime people like ScootRS get bad press over the odd product that is a 'cheap copy' .....   they have a wide range of products of varying prices and qualities........  but you pay your money and make your choice.....  but with regard to things like brakes....... you have to make a careful choice!

Its pretty easy to see from the pictures on the scootRS 'censored' advert that there can be big differences in the castings of different brands.  But I guess its just difficult to make that point without showing pictures of different products!