Wednesday, 14 July 2010

Cadwell Park Race Pictures

Many Thanks to Paul Thomas for these pictures of the BSSO round at Cadwell Park

British Champion - Charlie Edmonds - Performance Tuning

Jon Davis

Steve Wright with Guy Topper Chasing

Mike Bonnett - Kegra

Jon Uffindell and James Campen had a race long tousle!

Dave Crampton

Ed Hocking Team Replay - Head down Trying hard! 
Phil Bevis in close 


Double Race Winner Guy Topper

Thanks again to Paul Thomas for pictures

Friday, 9 July 2010

Cadwell Park June - What - No Brake!

I got to the circuit at teatime - just as the classic cars had finished........  some great machines there!

My good mate Matthew arrived for his second race in 20 years!   His new motorhome and trailer was pretty nifty!   Chalky White arrived too with his new retirement vehicle.....  mega !

Saturday night saw noise testing out the way - scraped through!.....

Flippin' eck it was cold the night before!!!!!

The van was bloody freezing......  is it really summer?  So up and cooked some bacon to warm up!

Dave Crampton and Mars Bar Jonny arrived and soon the paddock was filling up.

Practice..............  hhhhhmmmmmm  gearing is a bit high maybe...........   still experimenting really as the engine characteristics are different to last year.  I was running and Li150 Pacemaker box and had opted for 17/46........   just that bit out really.  Cadwell is always a bit of a compromise gearing wise, but i was not really far enough out to have the hassle of changing the sprockets........   which is what Chalky told me during his motivational talk!

So......  stick with it and just try and go faster!

Race 1 - got a decent start and had a good tousle with Rob sumner and Tim Simpson for a few laps.  What I was finding was that I was struggling with speed up the hill from the hairpin and over the hill, where the gearing could have been a little lower, but by the end of the straight I was maybe 4-5 mph quicker so was able to outbrake a few at the end of the straight.  The Gooseneck as always is a challenge and on teh last lap Steve Wright went off line coming out of it and so very nearly managed to stay upright - eventually succumbing to a slow speed tumble almost down at the next bend on the grass.  Thankfully Steve was fine and suffered no injury.  Guy Topper won from the front row being chased hard by Charlie Edmonds coming through from well down the grid.

Race 2 - not such a good start,  and was quickly in a tousle with Rob and Tim again, but this time joined by Dave Crampton too.  The three of them went round the outside entering the main straight , but once down the dip and rising uphill and back onto the flat I reeled them all back in and passed them under braking for the right hander........... however........ trying to scrub off speed I went for the rear brake..... ermmmmm  .... the pedals not there!  OOps.... looking down the pedal was flapping around.... looking back up ...... erm...... I'm all out of track!

Fighting with Rob Sumner in front, Dave Crampton alongside, Tim Simpson Chasing ...... then it all went wrong!

Dave C was about to tip into the bend - only to find me going straight on trying to slow down!   Oops........  he has no choice but to be straight on heading towards the tyre wall!  he managed to stay upright fortunately and makes it back on track.

If the brake pedal had actually come right off it would have been better......  but it was hanging by its cable and flapping around in the breeze.  It seemed no matter where I went to put my foot the loose pedal was under it!  It was such a distraction.  I let Rob and Tim go and just concentrated on getting round to a finish and collect the points!

Dave C had stopped on track after his motor appeared to nip up.....  later inspection would reveal total destruction!  Poor dave has really not had the luck in his debut season!  If it can go wrong it has done......  No wonder he calls himself Unlucky Alf!

So its another long lay off till Lydden Hill.  The intention is to do a track day or Mallory test in the gap and get some valuable track time as I'm not feeling so comfortable this year - the 3 race meeting so far have been nothing to write home about.... more speed and confidence badly needed!

Lydden Hill is the next race meeting on July 31st .......  Another small circuit - but one where corner speed is so important.  Fingers crossed for a better weekend there.