Wednesday, 30 March 2011

2011 Rebuild Update

Well... the last few weeks have been pretty manic both workwise and scooterwise!.

The new 2011 paintwork is about complete ( just toolbox door to re-do ) .

Chalky at Replay completed the modifications needed to the exhaust to fit.... it looks awesome with a very long stinger ! ( more details and new pictures to follow!) . Chalky is currently working on a new inlet manifold to fit the DellOrto carb I will be running this year and that is sheduled to be fitted next Monday........  which is all a bit last minute for the Mallory Park Test day on Friday!

This week is being spent reassembling everything.  The forks have been totally stripped and rebuilt with mainly new internals.... there was always something amiss last year that we couldn't quite get to the bottom of..... so hopefully this rebuild into new forks will clear that up!

A new Jahspeed seat has been fitted..... all very streamlined!

There'll probably be a rush of blog posts over the next few days to bring everything up to date.......

In the meantime, heres a couple of teasers for you!  The Senna 'Double S ' is of course a tribute to the all time hero Ayrton Senna.  June sees a cinema documentary being released which will surely add more to his legend!