Sunday, 10 January 2010

Dragster Painted!

Well I started respraying Miles Dragster over Christmas..........   not exactly the best weather for spraying to say the least!  It has been a struggle to get the paint to dry and harden, even with a paraffin stove, a calor gas heater and an oil filled radiator all on the go!

The dragster has been painted in the fancy Ford Frozen White colour......  a very 'bright' white! Some parts are painted in satin black as a contrast and its almost finished now and looking quite nice

It took way too much paint to spray the scooter after I wasted quite a bit after initially using an incompatible hardener, and then managing to get a couple of runs on a panel, then in disgust as I stood back and cursed, I managed to knock a freshly painted panel onto the floor!  Much swearing and cursing and rubdown and start again!

Now its more or less done I can get on with the race bike!   Deadline looming....

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