Thursday, 8 November 2007

Here We Go......

So....... first entry in the (ageing) Lambretta Racers blog

The intention is to document the process of building a Lambretta Group 4 200cc Race Scooter .

After a 'retirement' lasting 12-13 years I've been drawn back in to the thought of playing racing scooters. The BSSO organise scooter racing in the UK, and I intend to race in their 2008 series. It's hardly going to be a full blown championship assault(!) just enter a few races during the year - the only intention is to try not to come last!

This blog will hopefully highlight the ups and undoubted downs of the process of building a racing scooter ( on a budget ) and then applying for a race licence and then actually getting out on the track!

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