Wednesday, 5 March 2008

Steering Bearings!

hhhmmmmmm well....... in my rush to get some shiny paint on the frame, i managed to miss the fact that the bearing tracks were shot to pieces!

Naturally it would have been desirable to have removed the tracks BEFORE I paint! But too late for that!

Anyway - being careful I managed to get the top and bottom bearing cups out without really damaging the paint!
New fork overhaul set ( Ebay bargain ) arrived and are now fitted. The forks I orginally planned to use are really past their best upon further inspection, so I'm currently try to find a decent set! But it's not proving easy!

Chris Taylor (fellow blogger) has come to the rescue with a loan set until I get a set sorted. Its been great to find fellow racers so willing to help out with donating or lending bits........ theres a great spirit amongst racers!

Next major bit to source is legshields and a headset.!!

So Saturday - didn't have too much on, paint on the frame was nice and dry..... so hey - lets get the engine in!
Now....... that seemed a simple task....... but in the two years since the frame I'm using was stripped apart, one of the engine bolt cones has gone AWOL. After an hour of pulling stuff out from under the bench, emptying boxes, looking fruitlessly in pull out trays............... I give up!

One of my nearest dealers is Kev Braithwaite ( ex- racer ) at TWE Scooters in Mansfield.......... so off we go to his emporium (!) Every time I go there he still tries to sell me it! I got a few bits and bobs, rubbers, cables and a few little things.

Bizarrely whilst up in his storage are I spy on the shelf a couple of things that take me right back about 15 years! Sitting there on the shelf is a Brand New Dunlop TT60 Slick - still with the labels on it! Next to it are 3 more - but these are used / scrubbed. They are for sale - offers invited! then..... sitting below them is a front and rear Brisgestone Battlax- I remember using these as wets back in the day! They had a different front tyre tread pattern with a centre groove, which was not on the rear version, which was also a slightly different profile!

I resisted the temptation to stuff notes in Kev's hand - but would have been very retro ( its all the rage you know!)
So, back home, and slip the cones in the frame Miles gives me a hand with engine and in it goes! At least I'm now seeing some decent progress so I'm pretty pleased with this weekends progress.

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