Sunday, 25 May 2008


Basically not much happened on the race bike in April!

A number of things got in the way really, first off my road bike had been off the road since November, with Charlie Edmonds having the cylinder, piston and head for a little bit of work on the Mugelo 225!

i picked the barrel up on the first weekend in April, so of course that took a priority!
The newly re-worked barrel was a revelation as soon as I fitted it! As you would expect, Charlie has done a great job - whta he calls a 'fast road' tune, which brings the barrel into well set up TS1 territory. Its very nice to ride, and is very driveable..... not peaky and with a really broad spread of usable power. It brought a smile to my face for sure - and of course ANY opportunity to go out on it was taken!
So a few ride outs with Miles on his Dragster, made for a pleasant month. Miles is a second generation scooterist now! He's happily coming along on his Dragster to ride outs with Grantham Daytrippers Scooter Club!
At a ride out to Gunthorpe Bridge - near Nottingham

April also saw the final snowboarding trip of the year with 5 days in Chamonix. Snow was fantastic for late season! Fresh snow whilst we were there, powder, sun - what more could you ask for!? A somewhat scary moment starting an avalanche off piste and riding off it brought me down to earth though! A VERY scary moment!

Catching an air whilst showing a definite lack of colour co-ordination!

The infamous gully where we had the avalanche moment!

So now we pretty much up to date!

May has seen much more progress - mainly to shut Classic Ed up - his nagging is like being married you know! LOL !

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