Thursday, 29 May 2008

Brakes ...... too good!?

hhhmmm.... well....... why are things never straight forward in the Lambretta world!?

Front brake is now causing me a right hassle!!

First off, the RS / Nissin master cylinder is not as solid as I'd like on the handlebars, but the main problem is that the bloody brake is sticking on after being applied!  Its very very annoying!

So far we have stripped, cleaned and checked the caliper, yes the pistons were very tight and not moving freely, so we cleaned, soaked the seals and re-assembled - they now move nice and free.... did it cure the problem... well naturally not!   reduced it slightly, but its still there - still sticking on!

so next we check the master cylinder..... all seems ok tehre - pumps and releases fine - theres no kinks in teh hose......


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