Sunday, 8 June 2008

Paint Dust

If you've ever done any spraying you'll know that paint dust gets absolutely everywhere. It just seems no matter how you cover up the work bench and stuff in the garage......... it will still end up covered in dust.

Saturday ............ the panelwork needs a final coat of primer before applying the top coat.

So Saturday morning was spent creating lots of grey dust everywhere!.

Then Saturday afternoon, I nipped over Newark to see fellow blogster Chris Taylor and laugh at ... sorry ... inspect the damage to his crashed bike. Oulton was an eventful weekend for him ( check out his blog! ) and I'd offered to try and help him straighten out the rear frame, so there we were in his garage, with a Spear & Jackson lawn edger (nothing but the best) wedged between tyre and rear frame.

Chris held it solid whilst I applied some gentle leverage (!) and in a flash it was all more or less straight!..... Will the panels fit though? Well bizarrely the left hand panel now seems to fit a little better, whilst the right hand would fit, except that the exhaust muffler had been bent in and dented the panel right near the clip bracket...... so...... a hammer, and couple of blocks of wood soon sorte dthat out...... although in the process I managed to find a thick chunk of filler on Chris's panels, which cracked, split and fell off.

He was actually not really too bothered as long as his name was still in tact! Theres vanity for you. I think its so the marshall know his name as they pick the bike up.... again.

So.............. Chris's bike straightened then its back home to apply the green top coat....... should really have left to dry a little longer, but patience is not my strongest point at times!

So............. mix up the two pack paint............. dust sheets everywhere, heater on, lights on, compressor on and away we go!

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