Thursday, 12 June 2008

Update Progress - Tyres!

Well, Things are really coming together quite nicely now.... which is just as wel because time is ticking down!.....

First off...... Tyres! Chris Taylor has been trying the Schwalbe Pacemans, I really wanted some feedback on them, as I've not really heard of anyone else using them....... unforunately Chris is not stopping on long enough to give a proper feedback ( LOL.,,,,, he'll slag me off for that! No change there then! ) The Schwalbes were a great price at launch (£21.90) but as they are now getting established, the price has gone up to £32. Unfortunately efforts to get a price deal from MB proved fruitless ( would have thought race bikes using Schwalbe tyres and carrying their logo's would have made a good advert!) so Corrado came to the rescue with the tried and tested Dunlop TT92's at his BSSO Racers deal price of £30 each - Cheers Martin! ( Contact Corrado on BSSO race forum)

So the TT92's are now fitted. They have a really firm side wall construction, but the internal ribbing is quite sharp, which would normally be no problem as they are designed to be tubeless really. The problem with fitting them to Lambretta standard rims is that the sharp ribs cause rubbing on the inner tubes - potetially rubbing partially through and risk of punctures. Charlie Edmonds has a fantastic tubes rim from Tino Sacchi....... not cheap..... but would be better suited to these tyres. At the moment tubeless rims are not legal in standard class racing, but I can see Charlies point. Trouble is.... allowing any old tubeless rims allows some very dodgy far east rims which are made from monkey metal and probably more dangerous due to ease of damage whilst fiting rims! I've a feeling there could be a healthy discussion of tyre rims at this years AGM!

Anyway ........... back to the plot! Oil plugs all lockwired now, a few small bits and bobs done and sorted..... and excitement as Signs Express delivered some logos ( bargain price!)........ so tonight was spent putting them on!

They are advertising a new website I'm starting shortly - unashamed plug ! - - due to launch in July OfficeX will be an online office supplies superstore! Pricing to beat Viking - that well known office supplier..... and printer cartridges at PC World beating prices! - If you can't wait till Officex launches - drop me a message with what you want and I'll sort you out some special prices!

Back to the plot...... logo's all applied (well - except for one big one I forgot to order!) This Sunday is a car / bike show at Grantham Carnival, so it will be nice to get the scooter on display looking like a race bike......

Only main thing misisng is the floor boards ( just awaiting a final coat of paint) and the seat - en-route - fingers crossed it gets here for Sunday else its gonna look silly without one lol

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