Friday, 20 January 2012

Detox over....

After 9 days of Aloe Vera gel it was kinda nice to have a change!   The whole Clean 9 program was not actually as hard as I expected it to be and I definitely felt stronger physically for it!

Its hard to describe but you really do feel cleaner inside..... kind of like your pipes have been cleaned out!

End result was 9 lbs weight loss, and as part of the program you take various body measurements.... all of which were between 20 and 40mm smaller by the end!   The program 'encourages' your body to burn fat from all over it so you really do feel like you have lost the weight and physical size.

I really thought I could well feel weak during the process but once past day 5 it was quite the opposite.  Going out for an evening 10 mile mountain bike ride, twice during the last few days of the detox I actually set new personal best times for a 10 mile distance, and no aching legs the following day!

Would I recommend it.....   Yes definitely!

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